Embroidered Panel-ready to ship 06
Embroidered Panel-ready to ship 06
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Embroidered Panel-ready to ship 06

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please note that there are pen or pencil marking on the panel. This is common with such pupils as it is used for a guid when doing the hand embroidery work.   

Panel can be hung on for wall decor by framing or hanging on wooden dowel (not provided).  

This particular was hand embroidered by a group of weavers partnered with one of our artisan partners in Panajachel, part of the department of Sololá Guatemala. This particular group in from Santiago Atitlan, municipality in the Solalá Department of Guatemala.  The town sits on a bay of Lake Atitlán between two volcanoes, Tolimán and Atitlán volcanoes. Dialect spoken is Tzutujil

"Panajachel" derives from the Kaqchikel language and roughly translates to "place of the Matasanos".

panel measures approx 17”x17.5” embroidered area approximate 16”x17


shop disclaimer on all artisan goods:

*We try our best to capture the color and quality of each item. Color may still varies due to lighting conditions at time of photo taken

As with all leather and handmade goods, fine craftsmanship is expected yet perfection is not part of its character. This is all the true nature of one of a kind artisan items. Every piece of leather will have characteristics of a raw nature or what one would imagine as “imperfections”. The more that is seen, the more of it’s true form it is in.

This also applies to the nature of handwoven and vintage textiles. Slight pulls or loose threads can be found. Wear is also noticeble. As this is a blouse once worn by indeginous Mayan women. Please understand that this is all part of the beauty of these products.

Your purchase has contributed to our goal of being an ethical sourcing shop. Respectfully paying our artisan partners and partner weavers a fair And just pay for their textiles and products. We all thank you for your support in our mission! 

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