Custom order Tracy
Custom order Tracy
Custom order Tracy
Custom order Tracy
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Custom order Tracy

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Tracy custom day bag 


deposit $85


Thank you for considering my partner artisans to make your custom bag! This is something we like to offer from time to time  so we are excited to open this up for you   Please read the following disclosures and options to carry out your order! 


-Huipiles: Please take note that these are vintage Huipiles. Therefore there may be some spotting, wear, thread pulls etc. some are instantly visible in photos.  Others are not.  There are some imperfections that cannot be omitted.   Please take this into consideration before your purchase.

-Production: An approximate production time of 6-8 weeks is expected. All depending of orders placed and when custom notes are submitted by customer. Please submitted notes promptly.  Production times may be delayed by certain uncontrollable factors. At many times orders may be done sooner.  You will be informed when your order is ready 

-To ensure prompt production & any possible mistakes, no major modifications can be made.  Your order must stick with the standard bag design. View down below for allowed modifications. Requests made must be of reasonable manner please. Some adjustments requested may not be possible at all even though they may seem to be.  We trust in our partner artisan knowledge and experience in what is best for the bag production.   

-matching accessories may be possible but not a guarantee. If requested, they must be purchased.  Further details below.


Deposits are non refundable or non transferable.  All sales are final.  
The deposit will apply towards your final balance of bag price and shipping. Please be sure you will be able to pay your remaining balance in a prompt manner. Once your order is completed, please pay with in 14 days of your invoice. If a payment plan is needed, it can be requested. If approved, payments must be made weekly. Failure to follow through with payments will result in bag to be forfeited to shop. Deposit cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Abandoned payment plans also cannot be refunded. 

*No extra charges will be applied to this custom order following standard design.
Allowed modifications may affect price  



Choose your bag style, size, leather color, corte pockets (if applicable) and interior   Please keep in mind that corte or interiors may run out before your order is made. Have a plan for a back up option    


You will be contacted with bag update once it is done or if there are any questions beforehand. Invoice will be emailed to you. please remember to provide prompt payment within 14 days of invoice date. 

Thank you once again. It is my goal to make this experience as easy and pleasant for you and the bag artisans as possible.  We are greatly honored for this opportunity and look forward to this project with you   
 Thank you,

      Maria ❤️