Large Wool Rug/Throw #17
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Large Wool Rug/Throw #17

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 Part of our venture to source directly from family run shops or from coops to help promote their work and success in their family business   

wool rug sourced from small family run shop in Chichicastengo Guatemala. Which work as a team sourcing directly from their families in Momostenango. There they work on weaving rugs by pedal loom.   

measures approx 77”x62”



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As with all leather and handmade goods, fine craftsmanship is expected yet perfection is not part of its character. This is all the true nature of one of a kind artisan items. Every piece of hand woven, foot loomed fabric may have lose threads seen as  “imperfections”. Which in reality are the true characteristics true handmade items. The more that is seen, the more of it’s true form it is in. Please understand that this is all part of the beauty of these products.

This also applies to the nature of handwoven and vintage textiles. Slight pulls or loose threads can be found. Wear is also noticeble. As this is a blouse once worn by indeginous Mayan women. Please understand that this is all part of the beauty of these products.

No two leathers, Huipil, and textiles  are exactly alike


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