Sown Symbols
Sown Symbols
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Sown Symbols

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2007   Barbara Knoke de Arathoon. Translation: Jennifer Hope and Molly S. Hope.


An enormous repertory of symbols appears on indigenous dress and weavings - embroidered, woven, or appliqué.  In this book you will find some of these symbols, ranging from flowers hiding in the striking design of a huipil to others less easily recognized such as the “village square”, the offering plate, the dead turkey (a wedding gift), the serpent, the two-headed eagle, the tree of life, and the star.


English, soft cover, 24 pages, photos in black and white and color.  


sourced directly from Museo Ixchel , Guatemala 

 Originally publicarse in Spanish  and sponsored by the Prot-Teje Textile Commitee Ixchel Indigenous Dress.  Which promotes the production of Hugh quality handicrafts woven in backstrap looms  featuring the distinctive designs of many communities  

The Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Dress is a private non profit institution with a mission to preserve Guatemala’s Maya textile heritage  carried out through research, documentation, and exhibition of Mayan textiles. Also providing education programs   

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